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NHS Snow Days: All you Need to Know

Joe Kottke, Editor-in-Chief

January 23, 2019

  Wayzata High School’s National Honors Society is finishing plans for Snow Days week—taking place from February 4th to 8th, ending with the annual Sadies Hawkins dance on Saturday February 9th.   The Sadie’s committee of over 30 members began planning the dance months ago, which is...

Contemporary Mathematics in Context: The New System

Dave Drogemueller teaching Algebra 2. Photo by Srishti Brahmbhatt.

Srishti Brahmbhatt, Staff Writer

January 23, 2019

  College Preparatory Math, better known as CPM, is on the track to replace similarly named Contemporary Mathematics in Context (CMP) in WHS. CPM was phased in beginning two years ago, one class at a time, and offered many different changes in how math is taught, as well as how it’s graded.  ...

Keeping the Lights On: “saving money and energy”

Lights being installed on third floor of Wayzata High School.

Sean Carroll, Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

  Wayzata High School is switching all lights in the hallways to LED lights, also known as Light Emitting Diodes that run on an electrical circuit by channeling electricity through semiconductors, rather than the fluorescent lights that use electrons to turn mercury into gas and collide with the...

Wayzata’s Very Own TED Talk

Wayzata's Very Own TED Talk

Christian Campbell, Senior Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

  Among the 37 clubs already present at Wayzata High School, TED-Ed has recently added itself to the roster. The club has taken on the form of an extracurricular activity headed by Adam Woods and Greg Sowden.   The club will act like any other, requiring the one-time $55 registration fee...

Graduation Gown Design Change Draws Mixed Responses

Christian Campbell (12) wearing the new graduation gown design.

Shrishti Brahmbhatt, Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

  This year’s seniors find new changes in their classic graduation attire, announced at the senior meeting on October 31st. The commencement ceremony will come from a new vendor: school photo, yearbook, and graduation company Lifetouch, replacing locally based company Jostens.   “Now that...

Fall Theatre Production: “Come to My Garden”

Katie Manderfeld (11) and Maddie Newman (12) in The Secret Garden

Zaid Elbaroudi, Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

  The Wayzata Theatre Program has struck gold once again with its production of The Secret Garden. This amazing musical is centered around a dark and gloomy story.   The story is about a little girl named Mary Lennox, whose family died from a cholera outbreak in India. Mary is sent to Britain...

Sophia He: World Science Scholar

Sophia He: World Science Scholar

Luna Wang, Senior Staff Writer

January 9, 2019

  Senior Sophia He was accepted as one of 45 students worldwide into the World Science Scholars program launching for the first time this year by the World Science Festival.   “We were really looking for an opportunity to find students such as Sophia who were extremely talented in mathematics,...

WHS Graduate Earns a Trial Run with Target for Startup

Runnera Co-Founders (from left to right) Niel Patel, Sam Lerdahl, Josh Chang, and Bharat Pulgam. Runnera expects to gain exposure through a trial with Target and the University of Minnesota.

Sam Lavely, Sports Editor

January 9, 2019

  Bharat Pulgam graduated from Wayzata High School in 2017. Since then, Pulgam has already created two operating companies, including an app called “Runerra” which recently received a trial run from both Target and Caribou. During high school, he started a headphone business called Mxrs with...

All Wayzata’s Clubs in One Place

All Wayzata's Clubs in One Place

Peyton LaFrenz, Staff Writer

January 8, 2019

  The Fusing Leadership Circle (FLC), created by Wayzata High School Student Body President and Senior Reid Funderburk, has already began its meetings at Wayzata High School.   The circle is made up of representatives from every club and activity at WHS. “The circle makes it easier to communicate...

WHS Mock Election Reveal

WHS Mock Election Reveal

Faizaan Amanat, Staff Writer

January 8, 2019

  Wayzata High School participated in the statewide high school mock election on October 23rd. According to Minnesota Students Vote, a program organized by the Office of Secretary of State, 290 Minnesota high schools participated and over 46,000 students voted.   The elections that students...

Speed Bumps: Gone for the Winter

Wayzata High School’s speed bumps stored underneath the football stadium for the winter.

Lauren Lubenow, Senior Staff Writer

January 8, 2019

  Since early October, the Wayzata High School parking lot has seen an addition of speed bumps. According to Principal Scott Gengler, the speed bumps were installed because too many people were driving overly fast in non-congested times through the parking lot.   “It’s a 15 mile per hour...

Shooting Threat: “misinterpreted”

Deena Kassem and Katie Lins

January 8, 2019

  The shooting threat that circulated the halls of Wayzata High School on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, was false, according to Wayzata High School Police Liaison Steve Dahlson. “There was never really a threat,” said Dahlson.   “Somebody made a comment on social media, that misinterpreted...

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