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Food Shelters Continue to Adapt to Provide

Francisca Aravena

April 28, 2020

Food shelters around Minnesota are constantly adapting to increased unemployment rates while still providing necessities to those in need.  Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners is a social service organization based in Plymouth, Minnesota. Their vision is, “To engage the heart and wi...

Canada’s Deadliest Shooting in Country’s History

Gabe Cameron

April 28, 2020

A deadly shooting Sunday April 19th left 18 dead and many wounded across the province of Nova Scotia. BBC reported the gunman first went on a 12-hour spree all across Nova Scotia killing 18 people and wounding more. AP news reported that officer Heidi Stevenson passed away in the shooting. Accor...

Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Chinmay Goyal

April 28, 2020

US President’s Donald Trump’s Administration responded questionably to the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving some Americans sick and others in economic difficulty. According to The Hill, on January 18, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar warned President Trump that the virus was a...

COVID-19 Numbers Increase In Minnesota

Mia Sodt

April 27, 2020

Statistics released by the state shows cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Minnesota. According to The Star Tribune, Minnesota had 221 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, April 12th. Six newly reported deaths brought the total to 70, about two-thirds of them people in congregate care settings, reporte...

Park Rangers Fearful as Visitor Numbers Skyrocket Nationwide

A group of hikers travel in a cluster at Zion national park March 21 despite social distancing guidelines

Emma Souza

April 23, 2020

Park rangers worry as citizens across the country crowd national parks for fresh air during COVID-19. The Guardian reports The National Park Service (NPS) allows the access of outdoor parks and spaces during COVID as long as health guidelines and orders are followed. “It is irresponsible for us to b...

Vaping and Coronavirus: How the Habit Can Increase the Risk of Complication with Covid-19

Margot Carlson

April 23, 2020

Medical experts are urging people to quit vaping more than ever before. The dangerous habit and the coronavirus both attack the lungs which could result in a harder time fighting it off. According to the New York Times, quitting vaping could save your life, and also reduce the need of care from a h...

Wayzata High School Students Distraught About Postponement of Spring Sports

Gabe Cameron

April 23, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak spring sports have been put on pause, leaving many athletes upset and worried if they will even be able to compete this year.  Sophomore Ava Score, who plays varsity lacrosse said, “It’s very sad for the seniors and it’s frustrating that everyone has worked so...

Keeping a Routine in Quarantine

Lauren Elliott

April 23, 2020

As people around the world adjust to the quarantine lifestyle, the strive for normalcy is becoming greater every day. The need for a routine is apparent, especially in the lives of students. Wayzata Social Worker Alison McKernan said, “Routines help us feel a sense of normalcy and predictability....

Coronavirus Related Deaths are Skyrocketing in the United States

Rachel Weber

April 22, 2020

As of April 11 the United States has surpassed Italy in total number of Coronavirus related deaths with at least 20,000 dead in America. According to the Washington Post the United States reached two milestones on Saturday, April 11: all 50 states are now in a state of emergency, and the U.S. outbre...

Asian Americans Faced With Harassment Towards Them as a Result of COVID-19

Allie Barrett

April 21, 2020

Chinese Americans are being spit on, yelled at and even attacked and jumped by bigots who blame them for the coronavirus.  The New York Times states that the Trump administration calling it the “Chinese Virus”, despite the virus having nothing to do with nationality, is fueling their atta...

Rise of Protests Against Covid-19

Francisca Aravena

April 21, 2020

A surge of conspiracist groups online have led people throughout the nation to defy social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders. NPR news reported on April 15 in Lansing, Michigan, the Conservative Coalition party swarmed the capital in a protest called, “Operation Gridlock”.  As...

NASCAR Racer Uses Racial Slur During Live Stream

Alexis Herman

April 21, 2020

NASCAR star Kyle Larson used a racial slur on a livestream during a virtual race on April 12th. According to Fox News Larson and several other NASCAR stars joined an unofficial iRacing event organized by Landon Cassill on a virtual version of the historic oval track in Monza, Italy. CNN reported th...

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