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Park Rangers Fearful as Visitor Numbers Skyrocket Nationwide

A group of hikers travel in a cluster at Zion national park March 21 despite social distancing guidelines

Emma Souza

April 23, 2020

Park rangers worry as citizens across the country crowd national parks for fresh air during COVID-19. The Guardian reports The National Park Service (NPS) allows the access of outdoor parks and spaces during COVID as long as health guidelines and orders are followed. “It is irresponsible for us to b...

Donald Trump Aims to Have Fans Back at Sports Games as Soon as Possible

Gabe Cameron

April 14, 2020

President Donald Trump met on phone with many U.S. pro sports leaders last week, saying he was looking forward to the resumption “as soon as we can.” According to CBS Sports, Donald Trump had a conference call with all of the major leagues and said, “They wanna get back, they gotta get back....

Minnesotan Doctors Isolate Themselves From Families

Emma Souza

April 13, 2020

Doctors and nurses have vacated their homes to defend their families from COVID-19 in Minnesota. The Star Tribune’s Amy Forliti reports Minnesotan nurse Lisa Neuburger was attending a patient with COVID as the patient’s ventilator tube detached. Although Neuburger wore protective gear, she realized...

East Gets a Glow-Up

East Gets a Glow-Up

Emma Souza, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

Wayzata East Middle School has undergone renovations for the past school year, updating numerous facilities around the building. The updates have opened many new opportunities and programs to improve the student’s day-to-day schedules and increase productivity. According to Michael Rice, the Associate Pri...

100 Word Rant on “You’re” vs. “Your”

100 Word Rant on

Lauren Lubenow, Editor-in-Chief

March 6, 2020

During my time at Wayzata High School, I have seen a countless number of people use the incorrect form of “your”. I take personal offense when I hear the incorrect form used because it is plain wrong and this shouldn’t be happening in HIGH SCHOOL. “Your” is the second person possessive adject...

Preview of Wayzata Football 11/29 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP vs Champlin

The Trojan football team runs out of the tunnel at US Bank Stadium along with Head Coach Lambert Brown ahead of the semifinal matchup. Credit to Dave Wildermuth.

Katie Imdieke, Senior Writer

November 29, 2019

It’s time for your final football preview of the 2019 season, as the boys prepare for their “last ride.” The Wayzata Trojan football team has had an undefeated season that can be contributed to the strong athletes that carry this squad, the coaches that have made a place in the heart of the ...

Girls’ Swim and Dive Places First at Sections

Girls’ Swim and Dive Places First at Sections

Lauren Lubenow and Megan Justesen

November 15, 2019

The Wayzata girls’ swim and dive team took first at the 5AA Sections meet last weekend with a total of 645 points. Every athlete earned a spot in the top eight on Saturday and many swimmers and divers made it to state starting this Thursday. Starting off the night strong, the 200 Medley Relay took first o...

Young Businesses Prepare Students for Future Success

Swenson representing his clothing brand, Lineage Outerwear

Megan Justesen, Lauren Lubenow, and Keely Anderson

November 5, 2019

All across Wayzata, students are using their fascinating talents to make profit as well as make a name for themselves. Doing this then prepares them for future success. Senior Julia Barden, owner of Barden photography, said, “I have a photography business and I do mostly senior pictures. I starte...

Think Bigger: WHS Students Set to Leave the U.S.

Kelsey Deering, Media Editor

May 23, 2019

Hopes to travel outside the United States during secondary education seems to be a common occurrence among Wayzata’s graduating class. According to the Trojan Tribune survey, 56% of graduates are looking to study abroad. While the majority of Wayzata High School’s 2019 Senior Class are atten...

Gap Years Becoming More Common

Design by Katie Lins.

Lauren Lubenow, Senior Staff Writer

May 23, 2019

Whether students are unsure of what major they want to pursue, want to save up money for a university, or they just want to get a feel for the real world, a gap year may be a good path. A gap year is when a high school graduate takes a one year break from schooling and does not attend a university directly...

The Commitment Process: Different for Everyone

Deena Kassem and Zaid Elbaroudi

May 23, 2019

  Applying to schools can be a very stressful process especially for those who want to compete as athletes at a college level.   Some athletes commit a lot sooner than you expect. Senior Eva Bruer committed to the University Of Minnesota for women’s soccer during her sophomore year. Bruer...

Money Diaries

Elisabeth Oster, Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2019

  With Generation Z’s powerful hold on the economy, the Trojan Tribune decided to have three teenagers track their spending habits for a week. Senior Bella Brinkman, Senior Katie Parsons, and Sophomore Andie Hansen agreed to record each purchase made throughout the week, including the time of...

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