Trojan Tribune


The Trojan Tribune is located inside Room C116 at Wayzata High School. The Journalism and Television class meets year-long during 1st Block. 

Mission Statement: To address issues that Wayzata High School is facing; to investigate with courage, persistence and passion; to report the news with accuracy and without bias; to encourage thought, investigate events which incite praise and those which incite criticism; and to make connections between people in this community.

The Trojan Tribune been recognized as “A Top 10 Student Newspaper in the Nation by the “NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION.”

Editors in Chief

Joe Kottke

Elizabeth Oster 

Sports Editor 

Maggie Reese 

Media Editor and Newsbreak Producer

Drew Smith 

A&E Editor

Kai Christiansen

Design Editor 

Lydia Johnson

Opinion Editor 

Shae Luedke

Web Editor 

Caroline Hansen 


David Motes 

Connect with Us

[email protected]

Instagram: @trojantribune

Twitter: @tribunetribune_

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