Link Crew’s Virtual Adaptation

Deeanna Dornisch

Link Crew has been around at WHS for years adapting freshmen to the High School atmosphere, but looked different this year.


Link Crew has been operating virtually throughout the year with small group sessions occurring the first Friday of every month and a couple in-person activities as well.


“During the first week of school back in September, each alpha group reported to the building on a different day of the week so they could walk through their schedules, meet their teachers, and get the lay of the land” said Link Crew advisor Billy Lahr. 


25 Link leaders were in-person on March 8th to welcome freshmen into the building and help them find their way around.


“I heard from several freshmen and parents of freshmen that they were relieved to know that there would be Link Leaders in the building helping them navigate their way to their classes and figure out how to get through the lunch line” said Lahr. 


Small group sessions occurring online throughout the year has made Link Crew far more relaxed and casual. Lahr believes this made it easier for freshmen, new students, and Link leaders to connect in “a less chaotic atmosphere.”


“I think any time you lose face-to-face connections with people, you miss out on opportunities to make a more profound and lasting impact.  Despite that, I believe our Link Leaders have done their best in connecting with their groups” said Lahr.


There is one more small group, virtual, session for Link Leaders and their groups. Then the rest of the year consists of the application and interview process for 2021-2022 Link Leaders.


Interviews will be conducted April 26th-May 7th Monday-Thursday in person at 7:30am, 3:30pm, and 4pm. On Friday there will be zoom options from 8:00-3:30.