Will Covid-19 Improve the Environment and Keep the Planet Healthy?

Margot Carlson

Due to the coronavirus having a dramatic change in people’s everyday lives, there have been improvements in greenhouse gas emissions and the air quality. Experts say this will not be enough to have lasting effect on climate change. 

As the virus rapidly spreads throughout America, the government has ordered people to shelter in place. Many major cities such as New York and Los Angeles have witnessed their fog of pollution being lifted, said the New York Times.

According to BBC News, nearly 50 percent of the pollution in New York has been reduced since the outbreak. 

Aside from the United States, there have been major improvements in other countries. China has had emissions fall 25 percent since the beginning of the year, said BBC News. 

The U.S. News said that although the pandemic has improved the environment, this is only a temporary fix. The decline in fossil fuel would have to be by 10 percent and supported for a year to show any improvement in the levels of carbon dioxide around the world. 

Right now, only visible impacts are being displayed such as improved air quality and lowered greenhouse gas emissions. This is coming from the abrupt slowdown of the economy and as orders begin to be lifted, emissions could return if people continue their same habits as before, said U.S News. 

When the world returns back to normal, habits will still need to be improved to see a positive impact on the environment.