Wayzata Students and Their Free Time

Alexis Herman

As school is now being taught through ELearning many of the Wayzata students have had free time to try new activities.

Freshman Zach Burstein said he has worked out more and is enjoying it, his favorite exercise being a back squat. He said it makes him feel really good and energized. 

Freshman Aidan Herman said he has played Call of Duty with his friends on his PS4 console. He is looking forward to purchasing the game 2K20.

Sophomore Noa Buslovich likes to tan. She has enjoyed the fresh air and nice weather she stated in an email.

Ashley Aronauer’s (10) favorite pastime activity is to talk with her friends. Ashley said in an email that her friends have been there for her and they’ve made her feel less lonely during these times.

Madeleine Seel is a Junior at the High School, and she has gone to hammock. Over zoom she said that she either hammocks in her own yard or goes to a park to hammock.

Miranda Gollin (11) has played the newly released Nintendo switch game Animal Crossings. She said she liked this version more than the phone version.

Senior Ella Cunz has enjoyed going outside and longboarding. A longboard comes in a variety of shapes and it is a type of sports equipment similar to a skateboard, however, it is often longer.