Pug Tested Positive With Coronavirus

Margot Carlson

A pug belonging to a family in North Carolina has been the first dog in the United States to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus. 

According to CNN three members of the family were already diagnosed with the virus when they noticed that their dog (Winston) had been unusually coughing and skipping meals. 

  The family was participating in a study through Duke University to help discover how their bodies responded to infection, specifically Covid-19, said Time Magazine. 

According to USA Today researchers have been in and out of the house to take blood samples every week since April. The team swabbed the dog and results came back positive. 

Since diagnosis, he has fully recovered and is acting like his usual self said USA Today. 

According to CNN there is no reason to distance ourselves from our pets because there is no evidence that they can transmit the virus. If a virus were to jump from an animal to a human, it would only happen upon a rare occasion.