Minnesotan Doctors Isolate Themselves From Families

Emma Souza

Doctors and nurses have vacated their homes to defend their families from COVID-19 in Minnesota.

The Star Tribune’s Amy Forliti reports Minnesotan nurse Lisa Neuburger was attending a patient with COVID as the patient’s ventilator tube detached. Although Neuburger wore protective gear, she realized the patient’s lungs could be spraying fluid, potentially spreading the virus.

Nurse Lisa Neuburger parks a camper away from her family to prevent the spread of COVID.

Despite no proof Neuburger contracted the virus, the 37-year-old moved away from her parent’s home, and son, into a camper, ensuring the protection of her family. She found a camper through Facebook for 200 dollars a month.

Medical professionals across the country have moved into hotels, campers, and garages to distance themselves from family and friends, the New York Times says. Airbnb rental homes offer free lodging for their self-isolation, as well as hotels. Social media bustles with help as well. Facebook groups, such as RV’s 4 MDs, connect nurses and doctors to RV owners that provide the temporary housing.

Minnesotan ICU nurse Leona Hernandez has left her family in Minnesota to isolate and treat COVID-19 patients in New York, reports KSTP Eyewitness News. Hernandez, a University of Minnesota graduate, has a husband and three children she is leaving behind.

ICU nurse Hernandez holds her daughter before leaving to help fight the virus in New York

She tells KSTP she will miss her family, but she also knows she will not be putting them at risk for receiving the virus.