Classmates to Co-workers


Zaid Elbaroudi, Senior Writer

Kirk Decamp and Steve Born have both been a part of Wayzata Public Schools for the majority of their lives. They both started as students in the now non-existent Widsten Elementary school in 1978, located in downtown Wayzata overlooking Lake Minnetonka. Today, they both work at the high school. Decamp is the head custodian, and Steve is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist. 

“Everything was a lot different back then,” said Decamp. These differences included everything from the curriculum to the aesthetics of the buildings.

“There were no doors on the stalls in the restrooms, there was cement in the hallways. We also had playground equipment that is now deemed not safe,” said Decamp.

They eventually progressed into what is now West Middle School. The middle school, back then called junior high, taught grades seven through nine.

At grade ten, Decamp and Born entered Wayzata High School which was in Central Middle School’s current building. 

“The progression from junior high to high school was not difficult at all. It didn’t seem as large, it was grades ten through twelve, so we were going to a school with only three classes,” Born said. 

Born and Decamp both played football for the trojans from 1985 to 1989.  “Back then Wayzata Football was about blasting loud music in the locker room, going out and having a blast on the field, and winning,” Decamp said.

The Wayzata Trojans football team went 8-0 his senior year. Shortly after graduating, Born and Decamp found themselves coming back to the environment they grew up in. 

“I did various jobs when I got out of high school through community college. My dad worked as a custodian at West [Middle School], he told me there was an opening and I went in and started subbing, and here I am now,” Decamp said.

“I started working part time for community E.D. in the winter in the area in middle school for about nine years. Then a full time grounds crew position opened up, so I put in for a full time job,” Born said.  

Born’s duties at the high school consist of operating and maintaining various electrical and mechanical equipment at the school. He maintains and works with the air conditioning and heating system for the school. 

“The challenges are the unforeseen scenarios that come up. A lot of things will mechanically fail that I need to take care of on short notice.” Born said.

Decamp is our school’s head custodian. He does a lot of the cleaning in our building as well as taking care of culinary.  “The biggest thing in this job is staying ahead, so that everything is where it needs to be for people the next day. In the scope of all the activities and classes that occur the next day.” “It requires a massive amount of speed and agility to take care of a school this size compared to the old central building.” Decamp said.

 “It’s good humor that we both ended up back here together, We grew up from grade school to high school with each other, and we keep the job as light as we can,” Born said.

“We do a lot of flashing back to the old days and joking around, which kinda makes the day go by.” Born said.

“It’s the people, it’s a good surrounding, a great environment, and that’s what keeps you coming. The staff and students bring a variety day to day, there are a lot of interesting and fun things that happen here. It’s addicting, the activities, being involved, and helping out with a lot of different things makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. The district also takes care of their employees very well.” said Decamp.