Young Businesses Prepare Students for Future Success

Swenson representing his clothing brand, Lineage Outerwear

Swenson representing his clothing brand, Lineage Outerwear

All across Wayzata, students are using their fascinating talents to make profit as well as make a name for themselves. Doing this then prepares them for future success.

Senior Julia Barden, owner of Barden photography, said, “I have a photography business and I do mostly senior pictures. I started when I was little and now I am doing this.”

Senior Max Swenson said,“My business is Lineage Outerwear, it’s a clothing brand. I started my business at the end of my freshman year, 2016.” Swenson is currently working to expand into different stores both locally and in Colorado and Montana.

Sophomore Grace Lopata said, “I started the business last spring.” Lopota runs Star Jewelry, and her business makes jewelry.  

Wayzata business teacher Paul Kimbler said, “In the last five years, there are probably a dozen or so and there are probably between 5-10 right now that are looking to start their own business.”

Barden said, “It takes about an hour and a half for a shoot and then editing can take anywhere from two to three hours, and I do maybe three shoots a week”

Balancing both school and running a business can be extremely time consuming. Swenson said, “School and my business can be a challenge but at some points it’s not. Certain times of the school year there is a lot more work but those times don’t usually line up with the busy times for me, so I am able to balance it whether it is spending an hour or two after school, it’s all about  just managing my time.”

Swenson said, “It all depends on the time of the year and if I am coming out with a new line. I come out with new lines 2-3 times a year. Sometimes a year I will spend maybe 10-20 hours a week and other times it’s not as much.

Profit is also in the mind of young entrepreneurs. Barden said earned around $2000 in the last three months, charging $140 per shoot. Swenson earned roughly $500 in the month of October and plans to hit $5000 in profit by the end of this year. Lopota and her business partner have both made an estimated $700.

Kimbler said, “It is helpful to start a business at a young age. I think it teaches organization, communication skills, disciple skills that kids will use throughout the rest of their life. To have to take an idea from the idea stage all the way through the actual creation of the business or the product stage is great for kids to learn how to really engage.”

Barden said, “I think it is really fun when starting a business to be able to talk to so many people and I love that I get to show people how pretty they are and they always get so happy.”

Swenson said, “It’s definitely helpful to start a business at a young age. I have learned so much from this. I think the biggest thing is you just have to go into it. When I went into this, I didn’t know what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes and I lost a decent amount of money, but I have just learned so much from it so if anyone has any business ideas just go for it, there are so many free resources on the internet.”