Preview of Wayzata Football vs. Eagan (10/25)


“I am excited to see what my brothers and I can do this year in sections and state,” says Captain Christian Vasser (far left, number 4). This image is from the Trojan win on September 27th at Eden Prairie. Credit to Dave Wildermuth.

Katie Imdieke, Senior Writer

Wayzata Football earns a number one seed in sections, looking to knock off and end the season of a struggling, winless Eagan Team

The Wayzata Trojan football team is going into a game Friday night with a team that hasn’t had the same success the Trojans have this season. The Eagan Wildcats are a 0-8 team with the lowest seed in this section. Wayzata isn’t letting this be the determining factor of the game, senior safety Anthony Ukofia says: “They might not have had the most success during the regular season, but we need to prepare like we have been all season because we have been doing well. Sections is a new season and everyone starts 0-0, so remembering that we need to keep a level head.”

Anthony Ukofia coming off the field after stopping the Burnsville offense. “We have to stay level headed and treat it like any other game,” he says. Credit to Dave Wildermuth.

The Trojan Boys finished the regular season with an undefeated record, and are staying hot going into sections. Two players reached the 1,000 mark going into sections, senior running back Christian Vasser finishes the regular season with 1,181 rushing yards, and senior quarterback Tom Schmidt with 1,022 passing yards. Vasser says: “This was all made possible by the offensive line. To be honest, if I could give all the yards to them, I would.” These statistics really demonstrate the depth and strength of the Trojan offense, with 15 rushing touchdowns and 13 passing touchdowns. This is a very dynamic team with many ways to get the ball in the end zone.

Christian Vasser running the ball vs Burnsville on October 16th. Vasser collected 94 yards last week against Blaze. Credit to Dave Wildermuth.

The Darkside Trojan defense is making noise as well. Joe Demro being the big name this season. The senior defensive lineman has 51 total tackles with 10 sacks. The team as a whole has 48 tackles for loss, and 18 of those belong to Demro. Senior safety Anthony Ukofia, however, has the most solo tackles, standing at 36 going into postseason play. Ukofia says: “I am always where the ball is. I have put the work in to do my part. I wasn’t a safety until this year, so I had to do a lot of individual work during the off season to be ready to play.”

The Eagan Wildcats, on the other hand, have no wins on the season. They have been shut out in 5 of their 8 matchups, only scoring 29 points the whole season. Wayzata is just short of 200 points this season, with a grand total of 198 points scored in 8 games. The Trojans have only given up 66 points over 8 games, while the Eagan Wildcats have given up 318 total points.

Anthony Ukofia on the tackle for the Trojans in the backfield against Burnsville last week. Ukofia has been a strong presence this season for the Darkside. Credit to Dave Wildermuth.

This matchup could be a challenge for Eagan, being placed against the first seed in the section. The Wayzata Trojans are ready for the matchup. “I am excited to see my brothers and I fight every day on the field. It’s make or break now, every week we are fighting just to play a little longer together,” Vasser says. The boys are excited to be playing at their home field for a possibility of one more game after this one, if they come away from the game against Eagan with a win.

Theme is Pink Out this week, so wear your pink and bundle up for a 7pm game. The boys are back home at the Wayzata football stadium this week after two weeks away. This is the first game of sections, and the loser’s season ends that night. Come and cheer loud for our Trojan squad! See you there!

Student section post game last Wednesday at Burnsville High School. Bundle up for a chilly night in your pink clothes this week at home! Credit to Dave Wildermuth.