“I Just Love Playing Hockey”


Photo by Drew Smith.

Sam Lavely, Sports Editor

As the school year winds down, seniors will begin to take action on their post-secondary plans. For many people, that means continuing education at a university or moving straight to work. Senior Trevor Wong is taking a different path.
Instead of pursuing a degree, Wong has decided to play junior hockey. “The idea is that I would eventually get a division 1 scholarship to play hockey,” said Wong.
Wong said he is currently in the tryout process for teams in the Boston area. “Right now I am talking to a lot of teams on the east coast because there is a high concentration of division one schools over there and a lot of exposure,” said Wong.
Wong says that he wants to utilize his time playing juniors to not only get better but to get stronger too.
One aspect of playing junior hockey is working with the NCAA to ensure eligibility. According to the NCAA, athletes are deemed ineligible if they receive money for their respective sports. For that reason, people who play in the junior hockey league are not paid.
Although Wong will not be fully enrolled in any sort of university, Wong says he will continue to take some classes to “stay mentally sharp.”
“There are certain classes you can take while you play juniors, but you cannot take too many classes otherwise it ruins your NCAA eligibility,” said Wong.
Wong has been one of the goalies for the varsity hockey team for the past two years. As a junior, Wong appeared in 16 games allowing 2.91 goals per game with a save percentage of .877. This past year, Wong improved on that mark allowing 2.70 goals per game with a save percentage of .885 in his 25 appearances.
If things do not go as planned for Wong, he does have a backup plan in mind. “I applied to Iowa State and the University of Minnesota and got into both,” said Wong. “I deferred my enrollment to next year so if I decide after one year of playing juniors that I don’t like it, I can always go to either one of those schools.”