Trojan-to-Hoosier Numbers Triple in One

Graphic by Joe Kottke.

Graphic by Joe Kottke.

Joe Kottke, Editor-in-Chief

“A lot of students apply to University of Wisconsin-Madison, but it’s pretty difficult to get in. Indiana is a good second choice because it has a big ten vibe too, while being far enough away from home.”
– Senior Allie Ezrilov

“In the business world, things are cyclical and right now, Indiana is the trend. I think kids want to get away from their parents, but Indiana isn’t too far. Overall, it’s a great business school that is possible to get in to.”
– Teacher Paul Kimbler

“I liked the sense of community the business school is centered around. Indiana is being noticed for their development of programs; students are starting to see the great academics and cool big ten atmosphere. It’s also easier to get into than other big ten schools.”
– Senior Antenella Argento

“I’ve been wanting to go to Indiana since the beginning of high school because I love the business school and the campus, but I don’t like how many Wayzata students are going now.”
– Senior Corbin Kiser