Art for Everyone: Devin Wildes Speaks at WHS


The Unified Arts class working on wing mural. Photo by Joe Kottke.

Joe Kottke, Editor-in-Chief

  The Art department will be hosted artist Devin Wildes on Friday, May 24th.
  “We invited Devin Wildes through the Wings Program, which is an organization which works with artists with health challenges—mental and physical disabilities,” said Unified Art Teacher Joanna Prosser.
  According to Prosser, Wildes is nonverbal and has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but loves to talk about his art in front of large crowds of interested people. Wildes gave a smaller presentation to Unified Art and Unified P.E. during fourth block.
  The Wings Program is a service provided by Art Force, an organization that works with businesses by connecting local and national artists to the walls of their workspaces.
  “Wings works with artists by bringing their art to paying clients. Wings encourages artists to create and share their voice in a way that empowers them both monetarily, and by making their presence seen in the world,” said Prosser.
  According to Prosser, a collaborative art project took place in the cafeteria, painting the sky and making wings out of everyone’s traced hands. “If we all come together, we can soar,” said Prosser.