Transferring Schools: What Does it Take?

Sean Carroll, Senior Staff Writer

  Transfer students can have a tough time adjusting to Wayzata High School, and not for the obvious social reasons. “Many students that transfer attended a school that operated on a traditional schedule. Therefore, if they enter the school year during the middle of the year they will have earned a semester credit for each of their classes. Many of our students, however, will have finished a full year’s worth of a subject if they took their core classes during Term 1 and Term 2,” said Wayzata High School Registrar Nancy Vogt.
  According to Vogt, the key to transferring from a non-block schedule to Wayzata’s eighty minute class periods is taking advantage of the every other day classes.
  Vogt said ninth through eleventh graders usually don’t have trouble earning required credits because most schools have similar courses. Students transferring as seniors tend to experience the most problems with sufficient credit.
  “Seniors transferring into WHS are required to have all of our core classes to ensure they meet graduation requirements. As a result, they are not always able to choose many other
electives,” said Vogt.
  Senior Mario Bonatti, who transferred midway through 2018 from Costa Rica, recommends to all transfer students to go seek out their counselor.
  “They are the ones who have all the answers,” Bonatti said. “They had to figure out some of my credits, but they adapted really easily. Most of my classes were required so if I took a year of English or Physics, they just transferred that into credits.”
  According to Bonatti, there were a few required courses he needed to take coming into Wayzata, including Health and US History.
  Transfer students may not always have to fulfill every credit requirement exactly as all other students, according to Vogt.
  “When a student transfers here we will look at their withdrawal grades if the semester hasn’t ended and figure out the value to give them partial credit,” said Vogt. “Not all schools operate that way.”
  “A student transferring out of Wayzata during the school year might want to find out when the other school’s semester ends, as it’s always easier to start at the beginning of a semester,” said Vogt.
  Looking at a new school’s graduation requirements is also worth a transfer student’s time, according to Vogt.
  “One mistake I see students make is that when they know they are leaving, they start to give up and end up failing their classes. Those failed grades then will appear on our transcript if they are transferring here, or the next school’s transcript if they are transferring out,” said Vogt. “Best to finish strong and get some credit for the time you are at school.”