Deena’s Opinions: Where to Study


Deena Kassem, Opinion Editor

Panera (Plymouth)
  Not unique, I know, but it’s typically quiet in my experience. The big and tall booths provide privacy as well as lots of space for you and a friend to spread out all your textbooks and laptops. It also never hurts to carb up in the middle of a study session. If being spotted by other Wayzata students is a concern, the Minnetonka Panera is barren of familiar faces, except for yours truly. The setup at Minnetonka is less spacious, but that seems like a fair trade off for the lack of known faces.
Plymouth Library 
  Well obviously, but surprisingly, I seldom see kids from school at the library off of Vicksburg. The library has teen section with reserved breakout rooms, couches, tables, and a surplus of outlets for your electronic devices. The teen section, however, is tangent to the little kids section, so I find it to be a bit noisy right after school when little kids run rampant. I find that the “adult” section on the other side of the library is quieter, and has more breakout rooms, available for use upon reservation. For ideal study conditions, I recommend visiting the library at a later hour, such as six or seven.
Lunds (Plymouth) 
  This isn’t news, I’m aware that there are numerous nights when the upstairs of Lunds is packed with stressed students cramming for their stats, econ, apush, or bio tests. Despite this, Lunds is still a pretty great place to study. The lack of outlets is concerning, and there will almost always be a familiar face at a nearby table, however, that can be a good thing. This means there is almost always somebody who can answer the question to the math problem you don’t understand or read through your paper for mistakes. Lunds is always open late, and of course there is 6.00 Sushi Wednesdays too.
New A Wing
  I know it’s hard to resist the temptation of running out of the doors as soon as the bell rings at 3:10, but one of the best places to study is here at school. Since everyone leaves, New A wing with its wonderful couches, is completely empty. The great thing about studying at school is that a teacher is a wing or two away if you have questions.
Caribou Coffee (Near Hy Vee)
  This Caribou, in my experience, is almost never busy. The area is large, so it should be easy to find a table. Its newly renovated, which is a plus, but I find focusing in a coffee shop to be a bit more difficult because the machines are loud.