Liberal Hollywood: Why the Biggest Blue Celebrities don’t Accurately Represent the Democratic Party

Kelsey Deering, Media Editor

  Each February, hundreds of actors, filmmakers, directors, and producers waltz into the legendary Dolby Theater for the most star-studded night of the year: the Oscars. As Hollywood’s finest step up to the microphone to accept the coveted award, they often use that spotlight to preach about social issues that currently plague the nation.
  During the 2019 Oscars, issues of immigration, sexual misconduct, racism, and sexism echoed throughout the theater as celebrities accepted their awards. I am not suggesting that the issues they are preaching are not relevant and are not important. I am simply questioning the reasons behind the social activism from celebrities (activism you only see when they’re on stage). Rarely do I see Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence preach about an issue that identifies with liberal Hollywood, unless they have an audience. I’m not doubting the morals of these celebrities or deeming their words lies; I’m saying they are not as committed to the cause as they seem.
  When fighting for an issue you believe in that fits with the liberal agenda, celebrities are not who we should look to for guidance and support. Hollywood is literally the upper 1% of America. They might be able to sympathize with those affected by immigration issues or the lessening of social welfare, but rarely will they be able to empathize. The people that fill the chairs in the Dolby theater are preoccupied with producing the next blockbuster or making sure they make it back into the theater next year.
  So who do you look to further the agenda of the Democratic party? As a party of the people, look towards your neighbors, blue collar workers, minimum wage workers, your children, your parents, the average commuter, and those holding picket signs in the freezing cold shouting for what they believe in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that celebrities have the platform to preach about Trump’s antics and all the problems that face America today. As a Democrat, however, do not isolate yourself to the words of Hollywood’s finest.