Unexpected and Disappointing Results at the Oscars

Sam Lavely, Sports Editor

  Oscars season has come and gone. One of my favorite times of the year; I have always loved filling out a ballot and predicting which films will win in their respective categories. This year, I decided to take a different approach and attempt to review the results of the “big” awards instead, providing insights on my thoughts about the winners on the night and whether or not they truly deserved the award.
Best Picture Winner: Green Book
  I honestly was not sure which film would win this category for the entire race. Winners were split at awards such as BAFTA and the Golden Globes, which are typically viewed as indicative for Oscar winners. Green Book, however, should not have won the award. It followed the typical, safe formula: telling a safe and uplifting story (that the family of Don Shirley disputes). I would have placed Green Book behind all of the following, and possibly more, in the race for best picture: A Star is Born, BlackKklansman and Roma. I would say Roma was most deserving of this win—especially as the award used to be titled “Outstanding Motion Picture.” Roma truly was the most outstanding film within the category with great production, acting, and writing. Also, it would have been fun to see a foreign film take home the big prize for the first time ever.
Best Actor Winner: Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
  I went into the Oscars thinking Rami Malek would win, whether he deserved it or not (he didn’t). He lip syncs his way through a very average movie and everybody went crazy due to nostalgia for the late Freddie Mercury and the rule of Queen in the 80s. Malek does not deserve an Oscar. Rather, it should have been given to Christian Bale for his eye-opening turn as Dick Cheney in Vice. The Academy just can’t seem to pick a bad guy to win this category. Or, if not Bale, the Academy should have opted for Bradley Cooper’s performance in A Star is Born, a performance that made me completely forget about the actor and think Jackson Maine was real.
Best Actress Winner: Olivia Colman, The Favourite
  Glenn Close was the frontrunner from the moment she won the Golden Globe. I, admittedly, have not seen The Wife, but it served as no surprise to me when Olivia Colman was called up to the stage to accept the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Her performance was one of great wit and vulnerability in her role as Queen Anne, and she picked up the sole win of the night for The Favourite, which had been nominated for ten.
Best Supporting Actor Winner: Mahershala Ali, Green Book
  Mahershala Ali is a great actor. I can not deny that, and he deserved to win for Green Book, picking up his second Oscar in three years, two years after his astonishing performance in Moonlight. Sam Elliott, however, was present in one of the best scenes from any movie this year through his emotional vulnerability in the car scene of A Star is Born.
Best Supporting Actress Winner: Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk
  Regina King deserved the win for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. The only potential spoilers I would have understood were either of the women from The Favourite, but the power of Beale Street won in this situation against Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.
Best Director Alfonso Cuaron, Roma
  This was Alfonso Cuaron’s award from the start. One of the most beautifully short films I have ever seen, Roma had stunning visuals, an intriguing story, and a true humanity to it that put Cuaron so far ahead of all other candidates. I have no “it could have been…” comment for this because no other director in this category came close to what Cuaron accomplished.