Students Discuss the Plausibility of a “Mrs. Wayzata”

Zaid Elbaroudi, Staff Writer

  After Mathew Kimathi’s victory at the Mr. Wayzata Pageant, some students have had concerns about the pageant because of gender equality and sexism. Junior Noah Fransen said, “I think it’s pretty discriminatory and sexist that there is a Mr. Wayzata, but there isn’t a Mrs. Wayzata.”
  According to former NHS Coordinator and Science Teacher Gretchen Minnick, the pageant was just an old tradition that the NHS officers liked and wanted to keep going. Junior Malaki Jackson said, “I didn’t go this year, but I think it’s a really cool thing.” Sophomores Sammy and Adam Elhiba said, “ We think the pageant is very competitive and neat. We haven’t gone ourselves, but we heard people talking about it and saw posters in the halls.”
  Senior and 2019 Mr. Wayzata winner Matthew Kimathi said, “It was a really fun experience.” Kamathi said, “It was well-organized and went very smoothly. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to do it or who has been nominated to do it.” Mark Johnston’s English 10 honors class unanimously agreed that Mr. Wayzata should have a female counterpart.
  Kamathi said, “It would be really cool to have a Ms. Wayzata. People have actually asked me why there isn’t already a Ms. Wayzata” “I think it’s sexist not to have a Ms. Wayzata. I think girls should have the same opportunity to compete in the pageant like men,” said Elbiha. “It works well because we could judge the girls the same as the men, so it wouldn’t be demeaning.”
  Students in the class said Mrs. Wayzata would need to be carefully presented in order for it to not be demeaning or sexist. Freshman Annabelle Jones said, “Mr. Wayzata is very good. However, I think it’s different with girls. I am scared it’ll be more focused on judging their bodies and sexist than a male pageant.”
  Ultimately, the English class and Matthew Kimathi felt the pageant should include both genders, and contestant can identify as they please. At the end of the pageant, two winners would be decided as they do with homecoming royalty.