New Year, New Season, New Uniform

Maggie Reese, Sports Editor

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  This year’s wrestling season came with a change that is spreading across the
  The National Federation of State High School Associations passed a revision this year allowing an alternate two-piece uniform for the 2017-2018 wrestling season, according to A singlet is a one-piece, close-fitting uniform that is typically made of spandex material, according to Wayzata and many other schools throughout the United States chose to make the option of wearing a two-piece uniform available to their wrestlers.
  “About five years ago the whispering of wrestling without singlets around country began,” said Head Coach Eric Swensen. “Some of the old school guys were against [the singlet], but I didn’t have a problem with it if it would help bring in numbers.”
  From 2014 to 2015, the most recent years that data is available, the number of participants in high school wrestling declined by just under 10,000, according to According to Swensen, the main reason for the change is to combat the recent declines and make students more comfortable with joining. “Wrestling is a cult sport,” said Swensen. “For someone who didn’t grow up with the sport, the [singlets] might be off-putting. [But] if it’s articles of clothing that are stopping kids from joining, that’s controllable.”
  According to Senior Mitchell Hogue, the compression shirt and shorts idea hasn’t been adopted by everyone yet. “It is a movement of the the future,” said Swensen. “Five years from now the majority of schools will be switching to the new uniform.” According to Hogue, the new uniforms were not difficult to get used to and compete in, as the wrestlers practice in t-shirts and shorts everyday. “I don’t realize I’m wearing it, but that’s the idea I guess,” said Hogue. “I wrestle the same.” “Many coaches are concerned that [the new uniform] will look bad or come untucked,” said Swensen.

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