Behind the Scenes of Schrödinger’s Ark

Faizaan Amanat, Staff Writer

A Trojan Tribune staffer speaker with Junior and Actor Adrika Dasgupta about
the new Wayzata One Act: Schrödinger’s Ark.

Q:What is this one act play anyway?

A:It’s a devised piece. We picked a theme in the beginning which is animals
and then we all did interviews with different people who might have cool experiences
with animals. I did someone who works at a zoo, other people did things
like vets. Once we accumulated our stories we did research, and then narrowed
down our most unique and interesting content. We took all of that and then tried
to string it into one show.

Q: So everything’s original? It’s never been done before?

A: Yeah, one of our stories is about animal races at Boy Scouts, and how the
main character has a frog as his racing partner, and how he’s grossed out by frogs.
We have people playing the boy scouts and racing. The goal of the play is to show
the impact animals can have on humans and how they can bring families closer
together. The play starts out in a physics classroom with the teacher talking about
schrodinger’s cat, a quantum mechanics theory, then it goes into the stories.

Q: So where’d you get the idea for animals?

A: The director picked it before the audition. She says animals is a topic
that everyone has some form of experience with, so it’s easy to relate to people.

Q:Are there still art-pieces and things like a typical play?

A: Yes, there’s music, but it’s just piano music and very limited uses of setpieces.
It’s more focused on our performances rather than what’s going on around
us. There’s a projector, 6 chairs/blocks, and a table. There’s nothing concrete,
when we use animals we imagine and act as if we’re holding them.

Q: What’s the competition you’re talking about?

A: The one act is a competition which has 6 schools in a round. We take this
play and cut it down to 35 minutes. It’s going on at multiple schools. It’s a Minnesota
play competition and we chose this one. Other schools have their plays
and compete, it’s like a play version of battle of the bands. On February 22nd,
we perform the play at Eden Prairie High School and 3 judges decide the best 3
play/schools that go on. If we get selected, we go to the semi-round and the finals.