NHS Snow Days: All you Need to Know

Joe Kottke, Editor-in-Chief

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  Wayzata High School’s National Honors Society is finishing plans for Snow Days week—taking place from February 4th to 8th, ending with the annual Sadies Hawkins dance on Saturday February 9th.
  The Sadie’s committee of over 30 members began planning the dance months ago, which is set to take place from 8 to 11 p.m. “We are in charge of getting prizes for the casino, decorating the lunchroom, staffing the dance, assigning people to work different roles, and setting up and cleaning up after the dance,” said Sadies Committee Head Lauren McCullough.
  According to McCullough, a new addition to this year’s dance is coat check—adding to the need of volunteers. With the change over to Snow Days this year, advertising is essential. The advertising committee, led by Zak Mirviss, Kaylee Bennett and Maddie Moore, is in charge of getting the word out about the event.
  Committees within NHS are responsible for approaching the advertising team in order to get advertisements for specific events. “We are making posters for Sadie’s, theme days, and music in the commons,” said Mirviss.
  According to Bennett, the committee heads take the responsibility for creating the posters—using Canva, then the whole committee helps hang them up. Regardless of the name change, NHS’s primary focus is still for Snow Days to be a fundraising week. This year, all proceeds will go to programs within WHS, such as Fund- A-Need and the Trojan Care Closet. According to Photo and Video Committee Head Audrey Koehler, the themes for this year’s event will include pajama day, twin day, college day, jersey day, and color day—freshmen wearing black, sophomores wearing white, juniors wearing blue, and seniors wearing gold.
  In addition to creating videos to promote Snow Days, the Photo and Video Committee will air a video with footage from Wayzata Idol, according to Koehler. NHS will be replacing the traditional red and pink heart-themed hallway decor with a new winter-themed ambience. This will include snowflakes, snowmen, and mittens—different shades of blue filling the halls.
  “Right now our committee members are cutting out the die cuts and tying ribbon on them,” said Decorations Committee Head Anika Ahluwalia. “We also have our committee members writing the names of every student in the school on mittens, so we can create a navy to white gradient on the cafeteria walls.” Another change coming to Snow Days is the removal of Match-O-Matics. “They weren’t very successful in the past,” said Entertainment Committee Head Talia Braufman. “We are now orchestrating groups and people to perform in the commons before school during
snow days, including different musicians and singers.”
  Sing-O-Grams—a student favorite—are here to stay for Snow Days, according to Sing-O-Gram Committee Head Maisie Bry. “Students can buy them during lunch to send to friends. They’ll be performed during fourth block on Friday, February 8th,” said Bry.
  According to Bry, despite the week’s thematic change, the songs will still be Valentine’s Day themed. “The choral program is excited to showcase their students, it’s a fun way to fundraise,” said Bry. Adding to the buzz of that Friday, Mr. Wayzata will also take place. According to Mr. Wayzata Committee Head Amanda Cushman, 12 male contestants will compete in a two-part event that includes an act or skit, followed by a questionnaire, after which the winner will be decided by a panel of teacher and student judges.
  “We pick those who get the most votes from their peers,” said Cushman. According to Committee Member Alivia Arnebeck, it has been challenging to find people who will go all out during the competition.
  “The most difficult part has been making sure all the guys have routines, are ready to perform, all the equipment is in working order,” said Cushman. As to what audience members can expect, Cushman said “a night of laughs and good acts.

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