Girls Volleyball Set for Success


Kelsey Deering

From left to right: Sophia Jesewitz, Tatum Rubald and Elizabeth Helmich celebrate winning a point in their matchup against Coon Rapids.

Sam Lavely, Sports Editor

  The girl’s volleyball season came to a close last week as they fell in the section championship to Champlin Park in three sets. However, this loss came at the close of an impressive 23-5 regular season record, their best in recent memory.
  Last year’s team was led by four seniors with a total of eight underclassmen, but this year’s team had a bit more maturity. With four seniors leading the team for the second year, the girls reduced their underclassmen numbers to five: two sophomores and three freshmen.
  More experienced players moved into the starting lineup, and it showed in the girls’ performances. Last year, the girls had what could be described as a mediocre record, finishing at 7-22. In 15 of those 22 losses, the team didn’t win a single set.
  However, this year’s team had only two games in which they did not win a set.
  Senior Julia Robley attributes the team’s successes to their hard work. “We worked incredibly hard in the off season,” said Robley, “we worked [really hard] for each other. We have always had the talent, we just needed to work hard to show it.”
  Robley says that through private lessons, daily gym workouts and lifting throughout the summer, the team became closer and improved their skills.
  Fellow senior captain Isabelle Anderson said, “We were all strong-minded and competitive. [We] were watching film and working with coaches to improve individually to contribute everything we could to the team.”
  While seniors were the leaders of the team, underclassmen put in their fair share of work as well.
  Junior Olivia Johnson, in her second year on the team, had the third-most set assists in the state this season with 843. Anderson said, “Olivia was such a consistent player this season… we could always count on her to make great plays.”
  The team was led in every stat category by underclassmen, including sophomore Sophia Jesewitz, junior Elizabeth Helmich, and junior Katelyn Empkey.
  The team is being left in good hands as they look forward to next season. They tripled their win total this season from last season’s seven wins, and considering the statistical leadership provided by juniors and sophomores, the Trojan Volleyball team has the potential to even further improve.