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Overlord is part war drama and part zombie thriller which is nothing short of a fun time to say the least. The film is absolutely fantastic and really blends together all the genres it hits well and fluently. The special effects and acting were both amazing, which really helped sell the movie’s high quality. The war scenes are spectacular to look at, followed by scenes of horror that are grounded enough to flow well with the serious war tone that comes before it. One thing that may disappoint some but did not for me was the fact that there are only a few zombies in the actual film. This really works because it helps make the tension even more terrifying due to the fact that there are hardly any zombies, so when one does show up, it creates a heart pounding and unsettling feeling. The movie never lets up in terms of the constant tension and endures the fear for the characters. This helps solidify the fact the viewer feel as if they are these characters in the World War II timeline. The SFX as well as practical effects are astounding as well. The camerawork and soundtrack are all flawless; you can tell Abrams had a hand in the overall production with some of his signature styles. Overlord, while in no way Oscar worthy, is a bloody fun time that will leave you wanting more. 8/10
  Bohemian Rhapsody follows the journey of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the infamous British Rock Band Queen. This film blew me away. The performances were completely fantastic, and Rami Malek’s performance as Mercury is nothing short of Oscar worthy. It’s not just his physical look that makes him emulate Mercury, but
also his body language and mannerisms that really help emulate the role. When Malek is on screen, he is Mercury and nothing but. Malek delivers the performance of
a lifetime. The pacing of the film and runtime are perfect and there was never a moment that I found dull or boring even during the slowing scenes. The one thing this film had to get right were the musical performances and it absolutely nailed them. The vocals were spectacular and was a complete dazzling recreation of the real life performances of Queen. What makes this movie so good is the many emotions it conveys in its two hour runtime. This plot follows Mercury’s life, not the band as a whole. This may leave some disappointed but personally I knew what I was getting into and am extremely glad I did. This movie will go down as one of the best of the year. 9/10

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