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Aashna Sheth, Guest Writer

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Aashna Sheth

“This would look so good on my Insta feed” is a statement that I heard on my trip to Italy. We might think it sounds ridiculous, but is it really that uncommon?
  Often we travel to take pictures and we take pictures to post, which means we miss out on the true benefits of traveling. Traveling is one of the best ways to build a sense of empathy with others and help your personality and knowledge grow.
  Traveling, especially traveling abroad, opens up the world and allows you to truly build your own perspectives. Life in other countries is so different from life in the
United States, and learning about others and their cultures allows you to connect
with them in a way that those who don’t travel can’t even imagine.
  Every country has its own rich history, as well as colorful customs and traditions, and
learning about these cultural aspects provides you with the ability to appreciate others’ differences. Traveling results in a kind of education that you can never find in a
classroom, and it allows you to forge bonds with people who you would have never met otherwise.
  Not only does traveling give you a sense of what the world is like outside of the
United States, but it allows you to better yourself and learn through experience.
  When I travelled to Spain this past summer, I met some incredible people and made
memories that would changed my life. Not only that, but I also learned about Spanish culture and values, opening my eyes to the various other perspectives that others
bring to the table. One of the biggest reasons that people don’t travel is due to fear
of stepping out of their comfort zones, but there is always a way to find the familiar in
the unfamiliar. For example, when my family and I take extended vacations to other countries, we make a point to scope out the Indian restaurants and eat there sometime during the trip. Little things like this have the ability to foster comfort in even the most uncomfortable situations.
  Traveling gives you the ability to create memories that last a lifetime while bettering
yourself through experiences, and I really think that everyone needs to experience it during their lives.

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