All Wayzata’s Clubs in One Place

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All Wayzata’s Clubs in One Place

Peyton LaFrenz, Staff Writer

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  The Fusing Leadership Circle (FLC), created by Wayzata High School Student Body President and Senior Reid Funderburk, has already began its meetings at Wayzata High School.
  The circle is made up of representatives from every club and activity at WHS. “The circle makes it easier to communicate between clubs and discuss important issues like school culture and inclusion,” said Funderburk. “I decided to start this circle to create a positive environment where all clubs can support each other, as well as discuss important issues in our school.”
  According to Funderburk, it benefits Student Council because it allows them to receive input from the student body on events that they organize, as well as spread word of those events.
  The group already had their first meeting on October 12th, discussing how to improve the pepfest, encourage school spirit, and promote the theme of prom.
  “I think it’s a good idea because there is a lot of clubs that aren’t widely known, even though they have many participants. It’s a good way to stay in the loop on what other students are up to within the school,” said Senior and FLC Robotics Club Representative Preeti Pidatala.
  According to Pidatala, the group has thus far allowed individual groups goals to be aligned with each other. .
Funderburk is hopeful that the circle will grow. “I hope other clubs in the future will co-lead the meetings and talk about what type of support they need, whether that is attendance at a sporting event, help with fundraising, spreading information, or talking about issues that are important to them at the school,” said Funderburk.
  According to Funderburk, the circle’s goal is to “bring together the leaders of the school to represent the student body and create a positive environment that doesn’t end when leaving the school.”
  Funderburk hopes the circle will “bridge that gap,” allowing clubs to be able to communicate, promoting inclusion and benefiting Wayzata’s culture.

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