No Shame in Community College

Katie Parsons, Guest Writer

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Katie Parsons

  As I enter my last year of high school, I’ve come to consider the post-secondary opportunities that lie ahead, and I have realized the urge
that Wayzata High School pushes on its students to continue their education in a four-year college setting. Personally, I don’t think a four year education is a realistic option for everyone. Students need to be informed that the public and private four-year college is not for everyone and choosing a different path, such as community college, trade, and certificate programs are sometimes more beneficial to students. There should
be no shame in continuing an education, no matter where or how it is done.
  Data from the Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (MN SLEDS) states that Wayzata sent 93% of their 2012 graduating
class to college within the first two years of high school graduation. Interestingly, only 43% of those students finished college within four years
and 51% of the original college-bound students either dropped out or chose a different educational path.
  In my opinion, I think the reason so many students dropped out is because they were not ready for college, but yet felt they needed to go to college to be “normal”. I want to encourage Wayzata students to explore post-secondary options including community college, trades, and certificate programs and understand that it’s okay not to go into a four-year college setting.

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