Do Advanced Classes Matter?

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Do Advanced Classes Matter?

Sam Sklar, Sports Editor

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  At Wayzata High School, there is an abundance of X, honors, and accelerated classes in many different subjects. Teachers and counselors often encourage students to take accelerated classes, but do they really matter in the college admissions process?
  There is no doubt that these advanced classes have their benefits such as challenging yourself. “They [accelerated classes] are definitely important,” said New York University College Representative Annie Nelson. “We want to see people challenge themselves.”
  By taking accelerated classes you also learn more information than taking a regular class. For example, in Chemistry X students go more in-depth in each unit compared to normal Chemistry. This knowledge can help you in the future on standardized tests and further courses.
In a survey of 151 Wayzata High School seniors, 114 seniors reported that they have taken at least one accelerated class. Of those 114 seniors, half have taken five or more accelerated classes.
  Although students are recommended to take a variety of courses, colleges also like to see students taking accelerated classes in their desired major. “Students tend to be more successful in classes they are interested in,” said Wayzata High School Guidance Counselor Jessica Dahlman.
  Another tough decision students face is whether to choose an X, honors, or accelerated class or an AP class. Generally, AP classes are prioritized by colleges over other types of accelerated classes, but there are some exceptions. “It really depends on if the class is more rigorous than an AP class. It also depends on the information learned in the class,” said Nelson.
  Dahlman stressed that students should not take too many advanced courses. “Colleges want to see a healthy student who takes all different types of classes,” said Dahlman.

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