The Demand For Parking

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The Demand For Parking

Brandon Antony, Senior Sports Writer

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The new semester has begun with even less room available for parking, according to Principal Scott Gengler.

“It’s natural to lose parking spaces due to the constant snow plowing,” said Gengler.

To make the problem worse, Gengler said, “Over 100 more additional permits are being sold to students in 10th grade who are just getting their license.”

“We don’t need to expand our lots further,” Gengler said. “The school should be able to accomodate more kids driving the second half of the year. That’s the main reason why we built the overflow lot in the athletic entrance.”

According to Gengler, some have suggested that allowances be made for students parking in the teacher parking lot, which would prevent the need for students to park in the furthest spaces of overflow.

This idea was quickly turned down. “We need to make sure we have enough spaces available for staff.” said Gengler. “We have so many open spots in that area in order to give room for visitors and guests to park in those spots.” Gengler said, “If we let students to begin to park there, guests and visitors won’t have enough room to park.”

“Students should plan on getting to school earlier if they don’t want to walk far to get into the building in the morning,” said Gengler. “Kids don’t mind walking to Ridgedale Mall from far away, what makes the high school any different?”

“As the school continues to grow in the future and more and more kids start to enroll in our high school, changes will then be considered,” said Gengler.   

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