Kai Christiansen and Dylan Kunkel

Deadpool is the new unorthodox Marvel comedy that has enough guts to give itself an R-rating and make fun of almost all superhero movie cliches and stereotypes. The thing I loved most about this movie was the comedy. I knew the Deadpool comics were funny, but I had not expected the film to be as hilarious as them, which it was. The jokes were nonstop throughout the entire film and they constantly built off of the previous one.
For fans of the Deadpool character and comics, this movie does not fail. It was incredibly crass and inappropriate, and was filled with the classic Deadpool 4th wall breaks. The action scenes and CGI were very well done. It was entertaining to watch and flowed smoothly with the soundtrack. The CGI never seemed fake and actually enhanced many of the action scenes. There was a clear feeling that effort was put into making the scenes watchable and entertaining, and not lacking a sense of reality like most marvel movies nowadays.
The acting was average and it really didn’t add or take away from the film, it was just there.
The biggest fault of the film was the lack of story. It was extremely basic and wasn’t really interesting. The story was basically Deadpool trying to get revenge on the guy who made him ugly so he can change the ugliness. It felt more like an excuse to make the movie, and not a reason for the movie to be made. Many of the shots outside of the action scenes were bland and lacked character. At times the movie felt slightly out of sync with the rest of the fast paced action and humor. In spite of this, the movie never felt boring, just uninspired.
My last complaint had to do with Ryan Reynolds and his nudity. It felt like it was just there for shock factor and for an easy laugh.
Over all, this movie is a step in the right direction for Marvel, proving that r-rated superhero movies can still do well in the box office and entertain audiences.All this movie needed was a better plot and cinematography, and it could have been much better.