Compass Gains Ground

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Compass Gains Ground

Cole Seager, Staff Writer

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According to Compass Coordinator Scott Tordeur, the Compass Program expands beyond the term “class,” and instead truly encompasses a more comprehensive career studies program through professional experience and partnership with business mentors and guest instructors. It gives motivated juniors and seniors the chance to explore different career paths while gaining experience working with professionals in the workplace.

“Compass students have been able to gain new opportunities in the field and work towards their respective interests that have accumulated throughout the semester,” said Tordeur.

“It really opens your eyes to how many different jobs you can have,” said junior Jada Hehr, a student currently in the Graphic Communications course.

“There are such specific jobs that it could literally just be creating a title or focusing on spacing. When speakers come in, they also explain what they do and it gives us a sense of whether we like that or not,” Hehr said.

Tordeur explained that the class is led by business mentors selected for the students based on personal preferences. Guest instructors also have the opportunity to teach students through meaningful interactions both on and off campus.

“We learned how to write and format professional emails and how to write a meeting agenda… Shaking hands, maintaining eye contact, even just having a professional vocabulary; that’s not something you really get in other classes,” said senior Cindy Zhou.

“We might have a day where we go off campus right after second block, eat lunch together, then we go straight to a tour of a certain office area or a graphic designing company,” Zhou said.

“How professional you are really does add a lot to you and it really sticks with you throughout your whole life because then you know how to act during interviews or just day-to-day business activities,” Hehr explained.

According to Tordeur, the Compass teaching model has grown to include three different courses: Graphic Communications, Business Management and Economics, and Cybersecurity and Applied Mathematics. Next year will see the introduction of another new course, Ecology of Foods.

“Compass prepares the students for life beyond life in a school desk and teaches lifelong lessons vital for success,” said Tordeur.


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