The Lone Bass Player

January 11, 2018


Photo by Caroline Hansen

  Senior Sam Peterson is the only bass player in both Wayzata Chamber Orchestra and Pit Orchestra for four high school musicals.
  “I began playing bass in 6th grade. Lots of people I know started in 3rd grade, but I didn’t have any prior music experience,” said Peterson.
  “I’ve played mostly classical music and Broadway plays, it’s hard to choose between them. The classical music I play in Chamber Orchestra has been more challenging,” said Peterson. “On the other hand, Broadway music is fun to listen to and be a part of, even if it’s not as interesting to actually play.”
  Outside of the music Anderson plays, he usually listens to bands such as Imagine Dragons, American Authors, and Weezer.
  According to Peterson, he prefers to play in small groups, as it is hard to interact with a large amount of musicians.
  “I really want to know the people I’m playing with,” said Peterson. “But I’m also not a fan of solos; most solo bass music is needlessly complicated and just doesn’t sound good.”
  According to Peterson, it is difficult to be “flashy” playing bass due to the lack of music written highlighting the bass player.
  “I won’t be impressing anyone with a two-octave scale, or a melody of a song clearly written for cello,” said Peterson.
  “While the violins and the cellos are trading the melody, I’ll be playing the bassline in back,” said Peterson. “It won’t be fancy, it won’t be beautiful but it’ll be there for everyone else to build on. I’ll be there.”

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