Hailey Valencour

Seniors Hailey Valencour, Srishti Singh, and Joleen Barnett climb the Stillwater Stairs

Hailey Valencour, Columns Editor

Known as the birthplace of Minnesota, Stillwater has been a popular destination since its founding in 1848.
Today, the enchanting city boasts titles such as “best small town in Minnesota” and a spot on the list of “top 10 prettiest towns in America” by Forbes Magazine.
Stillwater is known for being the home of the Historic Lift Bridge, one of only three in the country.
Apart from its history, Stillwater has many current attractions that draw in large crowds, including delicious food, the St. Croix river, and lots of places to buy books or get coffee.
If you want to fully experience the city while also getting a bite to eat, “foodies on foot” offers a three hour tour of restaurants and gourmet food shops around the city.
Out of all the popular food joints in Stillwater, (which includes not one, but two bicycle-themed restaurants) my personal favorite and a must see for anyone visiting Stillwater= is Nelson’s Ice Cream. It’s a small, blink-and-you’ll miss- it shop with friendly service, and they don’t skimp on servings either.
If you’re feeling up for it, tackle the Lumberjack Sundae and if you finish it, you’ll get on the “Nelson’s Hall of Fame” wall, something that’ll light up any college application – and is also a great instagram opportunity.
Besides Nelson’s, my favorite place to visit in Stillwater is the Valley Bookseller, a bookstore and coffee shop that overlooks the St. Croix. With a candy store across the street, you can buy a bag of taffy, grab some coffee and a good book and relax by the water.
Also unique to Stillwater is their love of stairs. The Main Street stairs, Chestnut Street stairs, and Pioneer Park Stairs are the best known by locals, and they connect the picturesque neighborhoods with the rest of the city, and provide great lookout points to help you really appreciate the city as a whole.