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Seniors Sydney Koehler and Ella Brummer look over the St. Croix River at Interstate State Park in Wisconsin

Sydney Koehler and Ella Brummer

Tettegouche State park is located in Silver Bay, Minnesota, about 3.5 hours away from the city, so grab your friends and some good music for the ride up. The park is full of breathtakingly beautiful sites. A popular trail at the park takes hikers along the cliff ’s edge up above the shoreline of Lake Superior. On nice days you can watch people rappel and climb along the bluffs.
If that’s something you’re interested in, you can bring your own equipment and join in. For those who aren’t a fan of heights, there is a trail that follows the Baptist River that contains three different waterfalls.
The park also includes a famous Minnesota historic landmark, Split Rock Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1910 after multiple shipwrecks occurred at the location. The lighthouse started doing tours in 1924, and has been a favored tourist attraction ever since.
Gooseberry Falls, located three hours away from the cities in Two Harbors, Minnesota, is a great place to visit over spring break. The short hike to the falls takes about five minutes. The picturesque falls are a beautiful place to spend your day, but don’t be afraid to hike a little further. The unpopulated trail past the main falls runs alongside the Gooseberry River and leads to another waterfall. At this second waterfall, many people choose to take a swim at the base of the falls, sometimes jumping from the small cliffs up above the waterfall.
If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or adventure this spring break, be sure to road trip to Grand Marais, located about six hours from the cities, to visit Judge C.R. Magney State Park. Judge C.R. Magney State Park is known for the famous Devil’s Kettle waterfall. The trail to the falls runs along the Brule River. The waterfall is split around a large volcanic rock; half continues down the river, and the other half falls into a into a large tube-like rock. No one knows where the tube leads, though countless scientists and investigators have attempted to solve the mystery. The falls are theorized to lead into a million year old lava tube which empties into Lake Superior.
Lake Calhoun is located in Minneapolis about thirty minutes away from Wayzata. A paved trail runs around the whole lake and is packed with bikers, runners, and walkers. If you are hungry after your trek around the lake, a popular outdoor restaurant with good food and great views, The Tin Fish, is located right on the lake. Right next to the the restaurant are canoe and kayak rentals. If you’re interested in shopping around, getting food, or visiting a coffee shop, Uptown is within walking distance of the lake.
Looking for a short road trip this spring break? Grab some friends and head to Taylor’s Falls, about an hour away from the cities, to visit Interstate State Park. The park is split between Minnesota and Wisconsin, with the St. Croix river running through the middle. Cliffs run along the river’s edge providing various lookout points which give hikers a view of the picturesque bluffs and valleys surrounding the St. Croix. Both the Minnesota and the Wisconsin sides of the park offer beautiful views of the river. You can also rent kayaks and canoes in Taylor’s Falls and coast down the St. Croix river for the day.
If you don’t have time for a day trip, Minnehaha Falls is an ideal place to spend a few hours outdoors without straying far from home. The falls are located in Minneapolis, just west of the Mississippi River, on Hiawatha Avenue. The views from the lookout are great, but visitors can also walk down to the base of the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are caves behind the waterfall that you can explore.
The falls were given a taste of fame when Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem The Song of Hiawatha, in 1855 about a Native American hero, Hiawatha, who falls in love with a Native American woman named Minnehaha.
Aside from the waterfall itself, one of the main attractions of Minnehaha Park is the statue titled Hiawatha and Minnehaha by Jacob Fjelde which is on display in the park. Minnehaha Falls is one of the most photographed places in Minnesota.