The Depot


Outside The Depot music venue. Photo by Lauren Osterberg.

Lauren Osterberg, Staff Writer

  The Depot Coffee House is a coffee shop in Hopkins, Minnesota. This is no ordinary coffee hub though, it is a community business that helps students recognize and showcase their creative talents.
  According to The Depot, their mission is to provide a place of community and learning in which student involvement and youth development are encouraged in a chemically free environment. At the coffee shop, students can showcase artwork, and perform covers as well as originals.
  This coffee shop is in place for students’ use. This means that they typically have high school students perform here. They have open mics on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 4pm–7pm for students to showcase their voice in front of their friends and family while having a lot of fun according to The Depot. “The place is always very vibrant and there is always a lot of energy when people are performing” said John Guertin, The Depot live music coordinator. Open mics are free for everyone to enjoy, and now they have an appropriate recording license, people can feel free to sing covers of songs.
  Bands and Singer-Songwriters can book gigs at The Depot as well. The venue books people of all ages, but aim to book more students. The venue is equipped with a state of the art sound system which can meet the needs of almost every performer. Student bands and singers can book free 2.5 hour practice spaces to practice their sets. Bands get booked for 40 minute sets starting every hour on the hour from six to nine.
  The Depot is an 100+ year old train station that features a small 11×17 ft stage for performers. This opens up to a room where people can stand and watch performers or sit and drink coffee, listening to the music. The old train station holds for
a great venue and cool architecture to perform in, and an “inclusive venue experience”, said Guertin.
  This is not just a venue for performing artists, it is also a place for students to showcase their artwork. The wall is located in the bay room, or the middle room, and the whole wall is dedicated to student artwork. Artwork on display can get sold and the artist will receive all of the money. The Depot
has a submission form on their website where you can submit your artwork if you would like to display it there.
  “Here at the Depot we promote all different mediums of art, and we support all students who are involved in them” said Guertin.