Debate Has Two Triumphant Weekends


Freshmen Salma Abusamrah and Myiesha Imam got 2nd place at the UMN High School Invitational. Photo by Faizaan Amanat.

Faizaan Amanat, Guest Writer

  Half of the debate varsity division teams and all novices went to the UMN High school Invitational. While the other half of the varsity teams went to the Trevian Invitational Former New
Tier Season Opener in Illinois.
  On October 6 at the University of Minnesota, Gabriella Frants (9) and Ayaka Smart (9) took 5th place and Reese Chahas (9) and Tasnia Reza (9) took 1st place in Novice Policy debate. Chahas and Reza also had the highest speaker points of all novices, with both of them receiving 30 points; they were the only novices to receive perfect scores on Friday.
  On Saturday, in the novice division, Pulkit Kishore (9) and Amogh Kulkarni (9) finished 2-2, as did Aarush Jambunathan and Andrew Yang. Salma Abusamrah (9) and Myiesha Imam (9) were one of only two teams to finish with a 4-0 record and they took second overall. Both Abusamrah and Imam were in the top 25 for speaker points as well.
  There were four varsity teams that competed on Friday & Saturday at the U of M. After 5 rounds] of competition, Audrey Yang (10) and Jakob Ferguson (10) finished with a record of 3-2; the teams of Sophia Nayyar (9) and George Lyu (10), Shreyas Chinnola (10) and Ayan Saran (9), and Merritt Weber (9) and Aryan Anand (9) all finished 2-3.
  In the Round Robin tournament, Julia Soczynski (11) and
Caleb Prost (11) finished 5th. 4 teams were sent to the New Trier tournament in IL. There was; Sophia He (11) and Brandon Stras (12), Shreya Ram (11) Meredith Kleve (10), Augustine
Clement (11) and Gargi Mansingh (11), and Shawn Liang (10) and Neel Puri (12). All were on the cusp of breaking but fell just short. The 4 teams went 3-3 retrospectively, just needing one more win to advance.
  The team was at Humboldt High School in St. Paul from October 14th-15th. In both the novice and varsity divisions of policy, Wayzata repped well.
  In novice policy debate, Frants got 11th in speaker rankings,
Kishore got 6th, Amogh Kulkarni got 5th, and Imam got 4th. The highest rank in terms of points was a perfect 30.0 from the team of Frants & Smart. For the final results, 3 teams placed in the top 10. Imam and Abusamrah got 9th and Frants and Smart got 7th. The highest ranking team in the novice division was Kishore and Amogh Kulkarni who got 2nd.
  Wayzata sent 5 varsity teams to compete as well, 4 of them placed in the top 10. Anish Kulkarni and Clement got 6th, Soczynci and Prost got 5th, and Ram and Stras got 3rd. The highest ranking team from Wayzata and the tournament champ was the team of He and Yang. He was the only one to
rank in terms of speaker rankings, getting 5th.
  Coach Peter Gokey was very pleased with how the team did
this weekend. “If the team gets these results throughout the rest of the year, this will definitely be a season to remember,” said Gokey.
  If this is a sign of things to come for debate, dominance is imminent.

Freshmen Gabriella Frants and Ayaka Smart got 5th place at the UMN
High School Invitational. Photo by Faizaan Amanat.