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Oh Jeans!!

Kai Christiansen, A&E Editor

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According to Apparel Search, the ripped jeans trend has been around for a long time, starting in the 1970s during the heavy metal era and continuing into the 2000s for the “grunge” look of alternative rock. But as the punk culture faded out, so did the look.
  According to Apparel Search, a revival of the 90s culture sprang up during the early 2000s, and with it, the torn jeans trend came back in full swing.
  However, it seems like the notions behind the trend has changed for the different generations.
  Apparel Search states that ripped jeans started out as a sign of the poor, wearing them out of necessity and passing the pants down to the next generation.
  Hard rock and punk rock bands began to wear ripped and tattered clothing, not out of necessity, but out of rebellion. According to Retro Waste, by the mid 1980s, pop stars had ushered in a new style with bright colors and bright accessories.
  Punk rock was the polar opposite of pop, and it drew in a new crowd of people. One that pop couldn’t quite reach.
  According to Apparel Search, ripped jeans became a sign of self-expression and rebellion as it was associated with punk rock.
  Flash forward 30 years to 2017 and the trend has a completely different meaning.
  “I feel like if I wear regular jeans my outfit looks too plain,” said junior Kelsey Deering on why she wears ripped jeans.
  “It adds texture.”
  “Current trends with jeans revolve around denim on denim and are turning into all types of denim clothes being ripped,” said junior Kelsey Deering.
  Nowadays, it seems as if the original motives of the ripped apparel is lost. Instead, people have turned to fitting in instead of standing out.
  I don’t hate the trend, but I hate how the original effect of it is lost. It seems as though we have forgotten the roots of the culture and have turned it into something else.
  To me, this forgetfulness is happening more frequently with lots of things. People expect books to be short and concise, when its original purpose was to tell expansive and deep stories.
  The trend is spreading like a wildfire without a cause, and soon, it will engulf us all. Or, like most trends, it will probably die out, but I prefer the dark ending.

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Oh Jeans!!