Boosting Opportunities for Students

Maggie Reese, Sports Editor

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  For over 25 years, the Wayzata Boosters Foundation has supported the district’s athletic programs.
  “It was established in the early ‘90s when the ISD 284 district lost a referendum that resulted in major budget cuts for the athletic program,” said Athletic Director Jamie Sherwood. “Parents and members of the community came together to form the Wayzata Boosters Foundation to raise money to restore the program.”
  The Boosters Foundation is a 5013C tax-exempt, non-profit organization, according to All of the money donated to the foundation goes straight into the funds used by the departments.
  The Foundation raised massive amounts of money early on. “The group collected over $100,000 for coaches alone,” said Sherwood. “We are extremely fortunate that we have not had a need for crisis funding since then.”
  According to Sherwood, the organization was originally just for the athletic department, but it has now expanded to help cover costs for the theater department and senior class party.
  “It is very important,” said Tennis Booster Carrie Jacobson. “We raise the money so that we can offer these programs at a reasonable rate for the students and give them great opportunities.”
  Title IX requires that the foundation’s funds be distributed equitably by gender to create a leveled playing field for access to the amounts collected.
  “We raise the funds as a group and spend the funds as a group,” said Sherwood.
  According to Sherwood, the Foundation sponsors basketball tournaments and hosts fundraisers at the high school to raise money for the district.
  “We also pay the volunteers, and that money goes straight back into the activities and athletics fund,” said Sherwood.
  “I am there to raise as much money as I can for the foundation,” said Jacobson. “I am an advocate for the program.”

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