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4 Years of Lessons

Sandy Sugi, Co-Health Editor

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Sandy Sugi

It’s been a good four years Wayzata. A lot of everything has
happened since Freshmen year.
  There have been tears shed, dances organized, papers written, ACTs taken, tournaments won, laughs had, but most importantly there have been incredible memories shared.
  Each year is hard in it’s own unique sort of way and I’ve learned so much.
  Not just from the classes I’ve chosen to take, the teachers I’ve been assigned, or the textbooks I’ve had to read but also just
from the many different types of experiences I’ve had here at WHS.
  Freshman year, I think we all learned the basics. The athletic wing water fountains are the best, going up the stairs on the wrong side after a class will most likely get you trampled, and stopping directly in the middle of the hallway to chat with your friends is a big “no, no”. People have places to go, people to see, and with just 10 minutes of passing time, nobody’s got time for human roadblocks.
  Sophomore year, I learned that I should be kind to my teachers. They are there to help you excel in your subjects and though it may not be totally obvious all the time, they really do care.
  The classes I’ve most enjoyed at the high school have been the ones where I’ve actually been able to talk with my teachers.
  In retrospect, they aren’t scary.
  I think more so than any of the other three years Junior year taught me a lot about the word responsibility. I learned to not take on more than I could handle because spreading yourself too thin won’t do you any good. So don’t take a bunch of hard classes just because your friends are and don’t get a job that makes you work 30 hours a week if you’re already a part of four different after school clubs. Figure out an academic, family, and social schedule that really works for you and try to stick with it. Remember…slow and steady wins the race.
  Senior year. I guess I can’t really say too much about this year since It’s not over yet but I’ve definitely learned a few things this year. First of all, enjoy the little moments. At this point you’re nearly done. Whatever class you may be struggling with, whatever person has been irritating you since middle school, whatever teacher you may think is out to get you, and whatever staircase always leaves you winded in the morning; you will get through it. Secondly, try and live a life full of as many moments as you possibly can because one day it will all be a distant memory and looking back on it at least you can say you had some well deserved fun. Attend more school dances, try and meet some new friends while at the same time reconnecting with old ones, and just stop stressing about every little thing. Four years may seem like a long time but it really does go by fast- don’t miss out on anything worth remembering later on in life.
  There’s a lot to be learned in high school; both academically and socially. It’s been a whirlwind, it’s been fun, and it’s been really tough. Though on the bright side, I’ve come out of it all in one piece. Fingers crossed that all I’ve learned these past four years will come in handy again. Goodbye and good luck Wayzata.

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4 Years of Lessons