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Kai Christiansen and Tripp Lavely

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Senior Sports Writer Tripp Lavely insisted that he be given a film review. Since he has no skill in writing reviews, I gave him some training wheels and let him write about his most anticipated movie of the summer and I followed suit.

  I am the most excited for The Dark Tower because I will trust any movie in which Matthew McConaughey is an integral part of the plot. His unwavering, cool demeanor transcends the screen on which he stands. He is an amazing actor and is in some of my favorite movies. Plus while watching the trailer I thought the action looked really cool and that Idris Elba would be great as The Gunslinger.
Release Date- August 4th


I could honestly sum up my excitement in two words: Edgar Wright. He is one of the most intelligent and creative filmmakers working today and has made two of my favorite films: Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Edgar Wright is fantastic at writing dialogue and all of his films are hysterical. All of his films have very well directed action sequences, and I assume that this film will be no exception.And that goes without mentioning the star-studded cast. Kevin Spacey is one of the greatest working actors alive and everything he is in he does great in. Jamie Foxx, if nothing else, is an enjoyable presence when on screen even if he isn’t the greatest actor. Ansel Elgort isn’t an awful actor, I just think he has yet to be in a great film, and I think this might be the film he needs to be in to be great. I don’t want to overhype this film but it is definitely a must see.

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