Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein playing bass at School of Rock. Photo courtesy of by Laura Goldstein.

Sam Goldstein playing bass at School of Rock. Photo courtesy of by Laura Goldstein.

Caroline Hansen, Senior Staff Writer

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  Bassist Sam Goldstein, a sophomore at Wayzata High School, has earned a spot in the School of Rock All-Stars.
  The School of Rock is a performance-based music school that offers after-school and summer programs to help kids learn to play and improve their skills.
  The All-Stars are a group of the most talented musicians selected as the top 1% of students in the School of Rock program. A new group of All-Stars are chosen every year to tour during the summer.
  Goldstein’s journey as a musician began in middle school with his first band. At the time, he was only a vocalist. Worried that his position could be easily replaced, he decided to try his hand at other essential instruments.
  Four years ago, after failed attempts to connect to drums and guitar, Goldstein began playing bass.
  “It instantly clicked,” Goldstein said. “I never would have guessed when I first picked up a bass that I’d be here.”
  A year and a half ago, Goldstein joined School of Rock. He spends two or three days a week there after school, either working on his own music or helping others practice and improve.

Sam Goldstein playing bass at School of Rock. Photo courtesy of Laura Goldstein.

  “It’s great to just relax and hang with my people,” Goldstein said. “Being around other musicians is great.”
  Goldstein’s musical preferences have done a lot to inspire his sound. His personal favorites include Green Day, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other early alternative rock artists.
  Goldstein’s playing style was heavily inspired by these alt-rock bassists. He cites Mike Dirnt’s stage presence and Tim Commerford’s musical stylings are some of his biggest inspirations.
  Another major inspiration for Goldstein is his bass teacher Joe Hastings.
  “Joe’s a great guy,” Goldstein said. “He really inspires me. and pushes me to try new things and work really hard. ”
  As part of this year’s All-Stars tour, Goldstein’s group will be traveling across the country, playing in Tennessee, …, and Detroit.
  It’s not unusual for the All-Stars to share the stage with big names in rock music. In the past, All-Stars have played alongside musicians such as Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, Slash, Robbie Krieger, and Eddie Vedder.
  This year, Goldstein and his bandmates will be playing at Detroit’s famous MoPop Festival, with a lineup including Foster the People, Tyler the Creator, Solange, and Phantogram.
  “I’m humbled just to be on the same stage as so many great musicians,” Goldstein said. “It’s really an honor.”

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