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Strong Majority Support New Start Time

Brandon Antony, Staff Writer

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  Over 80% of high school parents are happy with the new
high school late start, according to District 284 officials.
  Wayzata Director of Research Stacey Lackner said, “We reviewed a survey from parents on what they thought of start times and how it has impacted them.”
  According to Lackner, 75% of parents throughout the entire
district said start times impacted them positively or with no impact. Only 25% of parents responded negatively toward
start times.
  “Specifically for the high school parents, 86% were in favor
of the new 8:20 start time implemented this past year,” said Lackner.
  Lackner said, “Of the 86% who were in favor of the new start time, 69% said it was very positive and 17% were neutral.”
  In general, parents who were part of the 9:10 to 8:45 start time were the most satisfied according to Lackner.
  In a collaborative study, the Epidemiology and Community
Health of Minnesota tracked 10th graders through surveys on eating and activity.
  “Based on the results, the schools that changed their original start time to a later start time had their results on eating and activity turn out more positively than schools with a later start time changing to an earlier start time,” said Lackner.
  Assistant Professor of the Division of Epidemiology and
Community Health at the University of Minnesota Rachel Widome said, “The study that we are working on is called the
START study. It is examining how high school students influence adolescent health.”
  “We are following a cohort of teens in five high schools for three years, including Wayzata. Two of these high schools
shifted their start times later after the first year of our study,”
said Widome. “We will be comparing health-related behaviors
in these later starting schools to the schools that continue to start early throughout the course of the study.”

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Strong Majority Support New Start Time