Security Improves Protocol

Sam Lavely, Staff Writer

  A 42-year-old New Hope man has been charged with entering Champlin Park High School on March 8 and remaining inside for approximately 55 minutes.
  This raised some worries within the district, as well as many other high schools, and caused the district to reevaluate their security procedures, according to District 284 Director of Administrative Services Kristin Tollison.
  Tollison said the district is consistently working to improve security for all schools, not just focusing on the high school. “We want to make sure what we do is consistent, and we are working hard to move everyone together in the right direction,” Tollison said.
  A new ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ protocol, established by the Department of Homeland Security, has been the focus of the District this year, replacing the old procedures.
  Tollison said the ‘choice-specific’ drills “are not supposed to evoke fear, but rather to increase skill and competency.”
  The district ran an intruder drill with the new system during third term, and will continue preparing the students with this system in case of an emergency.
  Tollison described other new procedures, including a system that runs a full background check on visitors to the school before letting them in.
  Visitors now must have a laminated visitor’s pass that includes a photo. “Schools are going to focus on prevention
programs next, as well as making sure that students know where to go, rather than just running away,” Tollison said.
  Tollison said in the future the district hopes to work towards more specific drills for students, since they want students to be prepared for any situation.