Tali’s Stress Tips

Tali Hecker, Co-Health Editor


Tali Hecker

Do you ever feel a sudden wave of stress crashing into your mind? I know I do. When stress hits it can be hard to focus on anything else besides the stress. That’s the thing about stress–it’s good at stressing you out even more. If you find yourself becoming stressed for whatever reason, changing your environment may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Of course there are better environments to be in for different kinds of stress.
  Let’s say you have two huge tests tomorrow plus a socratic seminar. Your parents won’t stop bugging you, your siblings are fighting, or your neighbors are drilling god knows what into the side of their house (again). To say the least your house is chaos, the clock is ticking, and your stress is growing. Time to find a new place to study. Coffee shops are always a good place to go, but sometimes they can be just as chaotic as your house. For the sake of your stress let’s hope coffee shops are less chaotic than your house. A few nice coffee shops to do homework or grade papers, for any teachers reading this, are any Caribou, Starbucks, Dunn Bros, Bruegger’s Bagels etc… If you’re looking to change up your usual coffee shop and if you’re willing to drive a bit, a few places to check out are Urban Bean, Spyhouse Coffee, and Common Roots. The 20 minute drive may seem unappealing, so instead of dreading the drive turn it into a jam sesh. Blasting music and singing along is another fun way to put your focus on something else, even if you don’t have the voice of an angel. Singing may not be your thing, but driving to Uptown to do your work is definitely worth it. The environment is different from your typical coffee shops. There is a certain uniqueness in each one, and it can be refreshing to be surrounded by uncommon things. Basically if you drive down Hennepin and Lyndale Avenue in Uptown you’re bound to find plenty of peaceful places to study.
  Contrary to popular opinion, not everybody likes coffee.There are many other places you can go when you seriously need to get things done besides a coffee shop. The library is always a good choice for peace and quiet. There are 41 libraries scattered throughout the Hennepin County area. Another added bonus of the library is the unlimited amount of resources. If you like a little background noise while you study, the Barnes and Noble cafe is another good option along with the Lunds and Byerlys that have additional seating areas.
  There are other times when you just feel stressed out about life and no amount of studying can make you feel any better. Basically you need a break from the overwhelming thoughts floating around in your brain. So where can you go next time you’re stuck in your head? Glad you asked. Spend time in nature. With the weather we have been having lately, going outside is a wonderful idea when you need to clear your head. Fresh air can do great things for you. Go on a walk, ride your bike, lay in a field and look at the sky.
  If a regular walk seems boring to you try and mix it up a bit. A great way you can add to your walking experience is by listening to a guided meditation. If you’re up to trying something new while you walk google ‘guided walking meditation’ and a whole bunch of high quality videos will come up. It can seem a little weird to walk and meditate at first, but the more and more you practice the easier and easier it will become. Going on a walk while listening to a guided meditation is truly an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and escape your head.
  If nature really isn’t your thing there are plenty of other options to stop stress from overpowering your mind. Hitting the gym is another great way to say goodbye to stress. You can sign up to take a class like yoga, kickboxing, or whatever your local gym has to offer. The elliptical machine, treadmill or weights aren’t going anywhere either. Going to the gym is a fab way to focus on something other than your stress and you get the added bonus of getting a workout in.

So next time you feel yourself getting stressed out, you’ll have a few more ways to cope. Good luck and remember it’s only temporary.