“The Dark Knight”

Sam Lavely, Staff Writer

  Being a new writer for the tribune, I decided to let Kai stay on his path with current movies, so I thought I’d just give general movie suggestions that are critically acclaimed and popular. Starting off, The Dark Knight was by far Christopher Nolan’s best film in his dark take on the Batman series, with outstanding performances by (most) of the actors in the film.
  The movie is about, obviously, Batman, played by Christian Bale, and his struggle to keep Gotham safe against the rather psychological game that the Joker (Heath Ledger) is playing to bring the city to darkness. He forms a coalition of sorts with the police commissioner James Gordon (played by the always-great Gary Oldman), and the mayor of Gotham, Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart). This may seem like the most powerful coalition there could be to stop the Joker, but it is soon learned that the Joker is manipulative to the point where he holds all of the cards.
  The acting performances in this movie, in my opinion at least, are what make it the great movie that it is. Yes, Christopher Nolan has mastered the dark, mysterious-toned movie, and it could be argued that it was all him, but the acting was amazing. Heath Ledger put on one of the best acting performances I had ever seen, and definitely the best portrayal of the Joker that there has ever been. He won Best Supporting Actor for it, and quite honestly, being an avid viewer of the Oscars, I might’ve screamed had he not that year. Christian Bale, as he did in Batman Begins and in the Dark Knight Rises, put on a great performance as well. While portraying Bruce Wayne, he’s fantastic in his ability to show Wayne’s true character, which carries over greatly from the original comics. Also, when he’s dressed as Batman, he’s remarkable, in that his intimidating voice and presence provide a great sense of the true essence of Batman. Finally, Aaron Eckhart gave a good performance but I wanted a little more from him. He did a great job at demonstrating his descent into madness, but there was just something missing from the acting.
  On the more artistic front, this movie is not for the artsy-fartsy, fans of independent movies. It is an action movie, but it’s artistic quality is very good. Outside of Heath Ledger’s performance, it was nominated for 8 more Oscars, winning in sound editing. All of these nominations were for things such as visual effects, film editing, and cinematography, and it’s very easy to see the brilliant camerawork and the dazzling special effects while watching. Also, the stimulating choice of particular sounds throughout the movie actually contribute to the feeling of the movie as a whole. There’s one sequence where the Joker is riding in a limo and the only sound we hear is that of a razor blade rubbing on piano strings, conveying the true sense of the Joker’s madness. The creators made sound alone convey emotion, which is a very rare thing to come by in movies.
  Overall, The Dark Knight was a triumph of a movie. It has something for everybody, with its “generic” action scenes that draw in the thrill-seekers, and even with the overall quality of the film. The Dark Knight is truly a movie that everyone can enjoy and I’d highly recommend it.