Top News Stories 02/26-03/03

Elisabeth Oster, Web Editor

In this day and age, there is always news to be read, experienced, and talked about. In case you missed it, here are some of the biggest stories from the past week.


Although it may have had the second lowest rating in history, it had one of the most memorable endings to ever happen at the Oscars. A mixup that most will never forget, was not caused by the host or the actors and actresses. Price Waterhouse Cooper, the accountants in charge of the envelopes, were distracted on their phones when they handed the announcer Warren Beatty the duplicate envelope for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway incorrectly called “La La Land” for Best Picture since Emma Stone had won best actress for “La La Land.” Already in the middle of their acceptance speeches, the “La La Land” cast and crew were ushered off the stage so “Moonlight” could accept the award as the actual winners.  Although the ending was all kinds of awkward, there were also many good moments including the “feud” between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, Viola Davis’ gracious and beautiful speech, and the reactions of the stars during the mixup.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, US Attorney General, has been under-fire this past week involving communication with the Russian government. There have been many questions regarding Sessions’ contact with the Russian ambassador. According to The Washington Post, Sessions had met with the ambassador twice in the last year causing speculation in the investigation into Donald Trump’s election campaign. On Thursday Trump defended Sessions in a public statement. In light of these speculations, Sessions has also disqualified himself as judge regarding the investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Russian Airstrike

Tension between the United States and Russia have mounted when a Russian aircraft accidentally bombed US trained Syrian fighters. There were casualties from the incident but the number has not been released. The attack seems to be a mistake as the Russian military thought it was attacking a village held by the Islamic State, according to the New York Times.


More that 100 threatening phone calls have been reported at Jewish community centers and schools in the last two months, according to the New York Times. Along with these calls, 170 Jewish graves were vandalized over the weekend at a Missouri cemetery. These threats have also been reported from students at the U of M with multiple students being arrested in connection with threats involving graffiti on campus. A federal investigation into these attacks is under way.

Trump’s Address

Donald Trump’s first address to Congress occurred on Tuesday night. He received generally positive reception of his speech with many voters from both sides of the spectrum “impressed” and is “finally acting presidential,” according to the New York Times.

The Bright Side

More often than not, the news can be depressing and chaotic but there is always happy news to be read if it is actively looked for. Although this type of news gets far less distribution and coverage compared to dark side of the world we live in, it is important to take a breath and see the good and the strange in the world as well.

  • The smell that we all know so well is attempting to be trademarked. Hasbro, who owns the brand Play-Doh, is working of trademarking it’s strange and distinct scent.
  • Ava Burns, a seven year old Girl Scout has already sold 720 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in only her second year as a Girl Scout. She credits her success to the fact that she and her mom accept credit cards.
  • Bruno Serato, an Italian chef in California, has spent years providing meals for the Boys and Girls Club. His restaurant, The White House, burned down in electrical fire in February and numerous competing restaurants offered their kitchens so he could continue feeding children at the organization, not even missing a single day.
  • Jrue Holiday, a player for the New Orleans Pelicans, will donate $1,000 to the Louisiana tornado relief fund for every shot and assist he makes during his game against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday.