The Purpose of the Drug Issue

The Editors

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Before we started this issue, the editorial board discussed the prominence of drug and alcohol use at Wayzata High School. We decided on stories to address the issues that we feel are prevalent at Wayzata, whether they are common knowledge or not. The goal of this drug issue is to examine the different perspectives about drugs and alcohol within our student body. It is not in our agenda to manipulate numbers or present them in a slanted manner. Our focus is to present the facts and leave the interpretation of those facts to the reader. We will attempt to present every relevant perspective, and in that way allow readers to form their own. Throughout our issue, we refer to the “Trojan Tribune Survey.” This survey was conducted by asking a random sample of 91 senior males and 115 senior females at WHS questions that relate to the topics of substance abuse, decision making, and sexual activity. There are certain sources in this issue that have been anonymized. We have made the editorial decision to not include their identities as a precaution. These are people involved in the WHS community who want to share their stories with the public, and while we wish to be transparent in everything we report, the safety of these students and parents is of greater importance. We also wish to acknowledge that none of the editors are passing judgement upon readers. It is none of our business how you choose to spend your time. Every student has a life of their own. It is not our job to point fingers or tell you to change. We only ask that you, the reader, stay safe.

The Editors

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