Stopping Trump: Here’s How

Arman Ebrahimi, Guest Writer

Arman Ebrahimi

Trump’s presidency will mean increased racism, sexism, Islamophobia, deportations, cuts to wages, and higher economic inequality.
An economic crisis is virtually certain within the next two years as well. According to the Financial Times, “financial crises occur about every decade”.
The last major crisis was in 2008, so it’s safe to say that by 2018, Trump will have to deal with a new crisis. His promises to “make America great again” will surely not be met.
However, this is not the end of the world. The youth are already fighting back; creating a massive movement to resist his future policies, even before he has been sworn into Office.
At high schools across the country, there have been massive walkouts in protest against Trump. At Berkeley High School in California half of the student body (1,500 of them) walked out. CNN has covered many of these walkouts and protests, including the one at Berkeley High School.
We need to continue to protest Trump, but this is not enough. Ultimately, the only way to defeat Trump is to end capitalism.
This may seem like a dramatic thing to say, but I think that it’s completely justified.
The whole system is guilty of creating the vile monsters of racism, Islamophobia, and sexism, which pit workers against each other as they compete to survive at the bottom. It encourages people like Trump (capitalists) to turn workers against each other, ensuring that there are marginalized groups that can be further exploited for profit.
When white workers are told to blame Mexican immigrants for their problems, their attention is diverted from the people who are profiting off the labor of both white and Mexican workers. As long as this system prevails, the working class will be turned against each other.
The first step towards ending capitalism in the U.S. is for the labor unions to break from the Democratic Party and form their own mass workers’ party. We direly need this kind of party, which could lead a socialist revolution that unites all workers across racial, gender, religious, and ethnic lines.
Bernie Sanders can pave the way for this new mass party because he has already mobilize thousands of people in his calls for revolution. However, his program stops short of a genuine socialist revolution to end capitalism.
A future mass workers’ party would need a clear anti-capitalist program, calling for nationalization of the Fortune 500 under democratic workers’ control.
Grounded in the labor unions, this mass party could lead the mobilization of strikes to fight the racist and sexist policies of Trump.
Trump is the epitome of capitalism: a bigoted billionaire only interested in himself. But, I am confident that he can be defeated when workers stand together in solidarity.
Students need to get involved in an organization today that trains workers and youth to analyze and intervene in events in a revolutionary socialist manner. That is just what the organization that I am part of, the International Marxist Tendency, does.
This organization seeks to bring a clear socialist program to a mass workers’ party in the future. Our final goal is to peacefully transform the United States into a socialist country in conjunction with revolution in the rest of the world.
We need a world in which the working class has collective control over businesses, running society on the basis of a democratically planned economy that works for all. There wouldn’t be a class that has a material interest in promoting oppression and bigotry. That is the future which we are fighting for.
The next four years will be a period of sharp and sudden changes, unlike anything we have seen in recent history. We need to be prepared for this in order to fight Trump and the capitalist system on every issue in which they divide and attack workers.
Our slogan must be: “An injury to one is an injury to all!”