Thanksgiving Out of Tradition


Shelby Johnson, Staff Writer

Shelby Johnson

By now, hopefully everyone has awakened from their food coma. This holiday is traditionally known for being that one day a year where people can stuff their faces with as much turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie they feel is necessary and still have it be socially acceptable. However, seniors Bharat Pulgam, Natalie Steine, and Akshay Ramen spend Thanksgiving non-traditionally.
Natalie Steine celebrates a traditional Thanksgiving but with a quirky twist.
Every year since Steine was about 7 years old, her mom has been doing a dry run of Thanksgiving the day before. She makes smaller versions of all the dishes for practice and sets the table to make sure everything is planned out and perfect.
Steine says her mom started this tradition because when Steine was younger her mom burned a couple of the dishes and it ‘ruined’ Thanksgiving.
“I love that my mom does this because we get more food. But, my dad thinks she’s over preparing, because he likes her cooking and doesn’t think she needs to do a dry run,” said Steine.
Akshay Ramen switches out traditional turkey for homemade lasagna. This tradition started when he was in 6th grade when his mom learned to cook lasagna.
Ramen says his family is vegetarian; they never ate turkey to begin with, so instead they would try foods from other cultures.
“Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently, but we all have that one thing in common which is our tendency to come together with family and be grateful for what we have, and I just really love my mom’s lasagna,” said Ramen.
Bharat Pulgam has a very creative Thanksgiving tradition;
every year he goes to Cub Foods with his family the day before and pick out different vegetables and ingredients and on the spot they create a new dish.
Bharat’s family is also vegetarian so their dishes are primarily trying new combinations of different vegetables.
This tradition has been an important part of Pulgam’s family even before he was born and is going to continue for years to come.
Pulgam wasn’t exactly sure how this tradition came to be but he knows that cooking has always been a passion in his family and they love to try new foods from different parts of the world.
“My favorite part about this whole thing is that my dad picks a budget and we get to go explore the grocery store for new foods that we think will make an awesome tasting dish,” said Pulgam.